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Enter the new energy automobile industry-----People's Daily 2023-08-24

Workers at ZTD Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. assemble a paint dipping machine in a workshop. Company chairman Li Xueqiang told reporters that this equipment is specially produced for the world's largest automotive technology supplier, Germany Bosch Company, acceptance in early February, late delivery. ZTD Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the motor equipment industry, and its products are exported to Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Vietnam, India and other countries, which is listed as the national specialized special new "little giant". Company staff told reporters that production orders have been scheduled for June this year. "In January this year, we have received more than 28 million orders, up more than 50 percent year-on-year." Company officials said that 90 percent of new orders in January were related to the new energy vehicle industry. The reporter learned that the motor equipment produced by this enterprise was mainly used in the home appliance industry, and in recent years, the management of the enterprise has taken the opportunity to enter the new energy automobile industry. "Home appliances are closely related to the real estate industry, and the trend of the real estate market in recent years has made us realize that we can not only bet on home appliances, we must create a new road." Li Xueqiang, chairman of the company, told reporters that the company, with its excellent technology and innovation capabilities, will soon gain a firm foothold in the new energy automobile industry: in 2019, the output value related to new energy vehicles accounted for 10% of the total output value of the enterprise, and the proportion is expected to reach 40% in 2023 - In China, ZTD has developed new energy vehicle drive motor production plans for Geely; In South Korea, C&M Company has handed over the compressor motor production line for well-known new energy vehicles to ZTD for production. As the core component that converts electrical energy into other energy and drives large and small machines to move, the importance of the motor in the industry is self-evident. Robots, home appliances, automobiles, intelligent production lines, almost all electric machines are inseparable from the motor. Located in Licang, ZTD has already begun to go to the world and share the cake of the new energy automobile industry. In the view of Chairman Li Xueqiang, the new energy automobile industry has very high requirements for the quality of various parts, and compared with the motor industry peers in Japan and South Korea, "cheap and high-quality" is no longer China's advantage: In 2022, the US Federal Reserve has significantly raised interest rates, the US dollar has appreciated, the Japanese and South Korean currencies have depreciated. China's motor industry price advantage is not obvious, must reflect the advantage in quality In order to ensure quality, ZTD has made great efforts to improve the self-sufficiency rate of components, and has achieved the goals of digitization, process refinement and modularization of product lines. The reporter learned that in February this year, ZTD Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. will complete the shareholding reform and plan to go public in two years.