ZTD Technology (QingDao)Co.,LTD.
ZTD Technology (QingDao)Co.,LTD. Company Profile
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ZTD Technology (QingDao)Co.,LTD. Company Profile
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ZTD Technology (QingDao)Co.,LTD.

China ZTD Technology (QingDao)Co.,LTD. Company Profile
ZTD Technology (QingDao)Co.,LTD.
ZTD Technology (QingDao)Co.,LTD.
ZTD Technology (QingDao)Co.,LTD.
ZTD Technology (QingDao)Co.,LTD.
ZTD Technology (QingDao)Co.,LTD.
ZTD Technology (QingDao)Co.,LTD.
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Western Europe , Worldwide
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Manufacturer , Importer , Exporter
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Export p.c:
60% - 70%
Company Details

    ZTD is engaged in the research and development of high-end complete sets of equipment such as BLDC motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors. Compared with traditional AC motors, it has the advantages of controllable energy saving and high efficiency, and is in the golden age of development. The motor products produced by its production line are widely used in air-conditioning compressors, fan motors, washing machine pump motors, vacuum cleaners, new energy vehicles, drones and other fields, forming brushless outer winding, brushless inner winding, hollow cup motors, servo motors, There are more than 120 products in five series of unfolding motor winding machines.





Company Development History




    Starting from a state-owned military factory as a military enterprise, the products are widely used in automation control systems and new products developed by scientific research departments in military industries such as aerospace, aviation, navigation, and weapons, making important contributions to the development of cutting-edge national defense technology.






   The founding team of Qingwei, which introduced the first traditional Japanese AC motor automatic production line in China, completed the process from learning and borrowing to digestion and absorption, gradually mastering the key links and processes of the motor automatic production line, laying the foundation for the next step of expanding to motor equipment.






    ZTD Technology has officially established an independent company and successfully implemented the "military to civilian" policy. With years of technological accumulation in military industry, it focuses on the research and development and production of civilian equipment such as motor winding machines.





    We have gradually entered global brands such as Midea and Gree, and entered the Japanese and Korean markets. ZTD Technology's excellent product performance has been recognized by frontline home appliance brands, quickly entering the market.






    Provide Haier with the first efficient and energy-saving motor production line, and focus on the development of new motor equipment and production lines such as DC brushless and permanent magnet synchronous. Provide Haier with the first domestic DC brushless motor production line, which is the first independently developed DC brushless motor production line in China. It has been recognized by Haier and has won more orders.





    Initiate the signing of a coaching agreement between listed companies and China Merchants Securities, initiate the listing of the Science and Technology Innovation Board, and open a new chapter in the intelligent equipment of motors.


    The total area of the company is approximately 16000 square meters, which can meet the company's equipment orders.


    Install and debug according to the type of equipment on different floors to facilitate technical communication between engineers.

China ZTD Technology (QingDao)Co.,LTD. company profile 0China ZTD Technology (QingDao)Co.,LTD. company profile 1


    Our company has an independent processing center with a total of over 20 equipment, each operated by a dedicated senior engineer to ensure product quality. Our company can independently complete about 80% of the parts processing, and the remaining 20% of easily processed parts will be outsourced for processing.


China ZTD Technology (QingDao)Co.,LTD. company profile 2China ZTD Technology (QingDao)Co.,LTD. company profile 3


    Our independently processed parts will undergo a 20% spot check, while outsourced parts will undergo a 100% inspection to ensure that all parts reach their limits.


China ZTD Technology (QingDao)Co.,LTD. company profile 4


Our company has 43 utility model invention patents, 14 invention patents, and 12 software works, and has won various awards such as CE and UK.


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   Our company's construction includes various multi-functional conference rooms, which can be used for screen projection, remote operation, touch screen operation, soundproof conference rooms, panoramic cameras, etc. In addition, it includes exhibition halls, photo memorials, sports lounges (including table tennis tables, billiards tables), etc.


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    The suppliers we choose prioritize leading enterprises in various industries.

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    Our company has a designated truck company for shipping, responsible for coordinating our foreign business and transporting the goods safely and on time to the designated port.


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    Our self-developed fully automatic rotary transformer, equipped with AGV material trucks for loading and unloading, truly realizes an unmanned black light factory. The overall equipment is built in a European style, which can still achieve efficient production and ensure the high quality of the finished product despite its gorgeous appearance.


China ZTD Technology (QingDao)Co.,LTD. company profile 12